Кто может мне объяснить, что это за посылка?

Кто может мне объяснить, что это за посылка? with reference to the e-mail we receive from us army dr colonel _________, for the release of his trunk box,clearance code: un-prref number colonel ________, who is in afghanistan that you ( _________a) his fiancee will receive his trunk box there in your country)_______ as the said receiver of his trunk box. nb: due to diplomatic content of your parcel, it will be illegal to ship it to you without the parcel being insured as it will violate the united nations rules governing diplomatic delivery. this means payment for the registration fee must be made before shipment to avoid risk. this is because of some bad experience we had in the past. we can not afford to re-issue your payment for delivery if anything goes wrong, so in this case payment for the registration fee is mandatory and it will cost 875 pounds only, while the delivery fee should be paid to the united nations diplomat that will deliver the trunk box to you at your doorstep in ukraine. most importantly, the trunk box must be registered by the united nations for easy and safe delivery, before it can be dispatched to your chosen delivery point or destination, as the delivery content has to be register in your name and address as the said receiver before it can be delivered to you by our diplomat. failure to produce the registration fee will mean refusal of the trunk box delivery by our diplomat, so as to enable the united nations secure our good name we have always maintained here in madrid because the package to be delivered without the registration fee will be illegal. this is the united nations law guiding the authentic delivery of diplomatic regulations.. kindly send your option within 48hrs of receipt of email, fill the form scan and return. and you shall be informed on how to make the payments of the registration charges. as soon as the payment of registration is made, your parcel or trunk box shall immediately be dispatched through the united nations diplomat. your parcel is protected by a hardcover united nations insurance policy, which makes it impossible for any airport authority to intercept the trunk box during the delivery. this means that the above delivery charges cannot be deducted from the prize and hence must be provided by you before your parcel is hand over. this is in accordance with section 13(1) (n) of the united nations act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd july 1996 by the constitutional assembly. this is to protect recipients and to avoid misappropriation of consignment box.fill the following information below and get back to us,we look forward to hearing from you without delay. best regards, mr. rob______ united nations office madrid, avenida general perón, 32-1, 28020 madrid , spain. warning notice: united nations informs you that this message has been sent from its corporate e-mail network. it contains business secrets protected under the laws of the united nations and other territories. if you receive it by mistake or you are not one of the intended recipients of the message, you are legally obliged to delete the message, to keep its contents secret and to avoid any use thereof. furthermore, you are kindly requested to report immediately the incident to the sender. people and organizations that breach confidentiality duties may be prosecuted before courts according to applicable national and international civil, criminal and administrative legislation.
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Короче, сидит где-нибудь в мадридском подвале бербер-нелегал, и шлет эти письма счастья, типа, вам богатство привалило, отжальте лишь за регистрацию 875 тугриков в фунтах, на прилагаемый счет (адрес), в течение ближайших 48 часов, скажите волшебные слова "крекс, фекс, пекс", и ждите дерева с золотыми монетами. даже и не заморачивайтесь, наивный бородатый развод.
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